Activa Condolisa Scar Gel 30ml [EXP: 31 Aug 2019] [Buy 1 Get 1 Free]

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    • Activa understands how DNA functions within our cells. That’s how we started with our very 1st Activa Condolisa Scar Gel, your perfect scar solution. A non-allergenic water-based gel specially formulated for effective scar treatment. Treat new or old scars, naturally caused or accident scars without leaving any oily or sticky feeling.
    • Activa Condolisa Scar Gel contains DNA as one of the key active ingredient to ensure the “repair” process is completed.

      • Promoting hydration of scar area, giving nourishment to damaged tissue, stimulating tissue repairing.
      • Works by fading, flattening & softening appearance of old and new scars.
      • Colourless serum, invisible treatment, simple perfect for facial scars.
    • Ingredients
      DNA – Responsible for cell growth and repair
      Chitosan – produces an invisible elastic film on skin to moisturise and protect with its water retention and anti-bacterial properties.
      Cytobiol Iris A – A combination of Iris extract with Zinc and Vitamin A, known for its anti-inflammation, antiseptic and cell renewal properties.
      Aloe Vera – Soothes and calms irritation while provide hydration to skin.
    • Directions
      Apply twice a day. Gently massage.
    •  Who can use ACTIVA Condolisa Series?
      ACTIVA Condolisa Series can be used by anyone whose scar is dry (especially acne scars). Scars should be at the repairing stage not when the wound is fresh or bleeding.

        Is the ACTIVA Condolisa Series safe for usage?
      Yes, it is made of 100% natural active ingredients.

       How soon can I see the results after using ACTIVA Condolisa Scar Gel?
      The results may vary depending on individual; it is advisable to apply ACTIVA Condolisa Scar Gel every day to obtain the best results. You will see the difference as sooner as 14 days.

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