Our Philosophy

Here at Kinohimitsu, we’re all about celebrating the zest of life. That’s why helping our community live their lives to the fullest, through the science of good nutrition, tops our list of priorities.
Each Kinohimitsu product is inspired by botanical medicine traditions from the world over, combined with the best ingredients nature has to offer for nourishing goodness that you can taste and feel.


Getting your body ready. Very often our bodies do not receive the maximum benefits of the health and beauty supplements that we consume. This can be due to many reasons, such as the absence of “good bacteria”, consumption of medication and poor intestinal health. “Cleanse” is the important first step in preparing your body ready for all the goodness it’s going to receive.



Restoring your body’s natural harmony. A balanced state of well-being is essential to maintaining healthy a body and glowing skin. All the elements of our body, such as PH level and blood sugar level works hand in hand to help us achieve an optimum level of health.



Reaping the maximum benefits. Now that your body is cleansed and balance, it is ready to receive the maximum boost that Kinohimitsu’s range of beauty, detox and health products gives achieve an optimum health system and youthful glowing skin.