Activa NT Stretch Mark Cream 100ml

    • This unique and powerful formula combines clinically proven botanical extract of Pumpkin, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Phytosqualane to visibly remove unwanted, unsightly stretch marks, rebuild the skin structure and promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Its water-based formula keeping the skin hydrated, moist and elastic which is one of the best ways to prevent stretch marks.
    • • Visibly reduces the appearance of stretch marks
      • Regenerate and strengthen skin tissue
      • Improve skin elasticity
      • 100% natural active ingredients
      • Water based products
      • No side effect
    • Ingredients
      • Pumpkin extract - Elastonyl ®
      • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
      • Phytosqualane
    • Directions
      Massage NT Stretch Mark Cream gently on clean skin until completely absorbed. Use morning and night.
    •  Why choose ACTIVA NT Stretch Mark Cream?
      ACTIVA NT Stretch Mark Cream contains strong active ingredients, successfully tested among woman. Use for prevention of new stretch marks and also reducing existing ones.

       When do you need ACTIVA NT Stretch Mark Cream?
      Existing stretch marks
      Reduces both size and color of existing stretch marks. Be it, thin, light line or red, purple hardened marks.
      Special Needs
      During Pregnancy
      Use for prevention. The earlier stretch mark is treated, more likely you can lessen their appearance. Starting from the 2nd month of pregnancy, apply twice daily.
      After Pregnancy
      Continue to use till 2 months after delivery. It will restructure and tighten skin that is loosening during pregnancy and reduce existing stretch marks (if any).

       How soon will I be able to see the result?
      The results may be varying from person to person, it is advisable to apply Activa NT Stretch Mark Cream every day to obtain the best results and see a difference after 3 months.

       Can both men and women use Activa NT Stretch Mark Cream?
      Of course! Use it on any area with stretch marks.

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