Activa Tummy, Hip and Thigh 100ml

  • A powerful body shaping gel which helps you tuck, lift and shape in 14 days. With the ability to increase micro-circulation and stimulate the product of collagen and elastin, it create a more lifted look.
  • Tuck-in flabby tummy, lift-up your butt, shape and trim thighs
  • Ingredients
    • Seaweed extract and soluble collagen
  • Waist & Tummy

    Massage small circular movements and downwards.


    Massage in circular movement and upwards.

    Inner & Outer thighs

    Massage in small circular movements from thigh to knee.

  • Q&A

    Why should I use Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream?
    Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream is formulated to tighten your flabby abs, tummy and buttock. It has the ability to boost the cellular metabolism which helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

    • Can both Men and Women use Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream?
    Certainly, use it on your targeted area and gain your desired figure!

    • Do I need to continue using Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream after I have gain the desired figure?
    You are recommended to use Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream continuously to maintain the fat metabolism and the result!

    • How long before I see the results?
    The results may vary depending on individual, it is advisable to apply Activa Tummy, Hip & Thigh Cream every day to obtain the best result. You will see the difference as sooner as 14 days.

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