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  • Kinohimitsu Clear Activ is designed to provide internal defence against breakouts and perfectly balance oil secretion, giving the most natural and effective solution to regain your clear and smooth skin.

    The combination of Milk Protein Peptide, Selenium and Vitamin E supports the body’s ability to reduce acne and inflammation.

    • Anti-inflammation

    • Control oil and water balance

    • Nourish skin

    • Eliminate toxins

    • Milk Protein Peptide has potent anti-microbial property and regulates sebum secretion.
    • Selenium improves acne symptoms and protects skin against free radicals.
    • Amla Fruit Extract promotes liver and skin detoxification to reduce skin irritation and blemishes.
    • Vitamin E moistens the skin and speeds up scars healing process. It plays a synergistic role with selenium in improving acne lesions.
  • • Mix into 80ml water, preferably before breakfast or before bedtime. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.
    • Acne skin: Take 2 sachets a day
    • Acne-prone skin: Take 1 sachet a day
    • Maintenance: Take 1 sachet every 2 days
  • • Is Kinohimitsu Clear Activ suitable for people of all ages?

      Yes, Kinohimitsu Clear Activ is suitable for all age groups.

    • How soon will I be able to see the results? 

      Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer time.

    • Will acne get severe if I stop consuming Kinohimitsu Clear Activ?

      No it will not cause dependent. You may wish to maintain your skin condition with 1 sachet every 2 days.

    • Is this product suitable for pregnant lady and breast feeding mother?

      Kinohimitsu Clear Activ is a 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring and no chemicals. Please consult your physician and doctors before consuming any supplements.

    • Can a diabetic patient consume this drink?

      Diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your health care professional or physician should you have any doubt.

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